Kirton DBO Patient Chair - Cushions


We wanted to have a chair where the cushions would be removable to encourage regular cleaning regimes to be maintained.

The cushions are designed to have a single peripheral welded seam to avoid fluid and bacterial ingress and the harbouring of germs.

The cushions are covered with a waterproof but vapour permeable fabric with excellent stretch characteristics. A polyamide knit with a polyurethane membrane, our fabric helps to reduce the build up of sweat which can macerate the skin and increase friction.

Benefits of our fabric over vinyl is the ability to weld seams and its lifespan since over time vinyl leaks plasticisers, becomes brittle and cracks. Vinyl [polyvinylchloride (PVC)] is also harmful for the environment.

During the design process we performed a product lifecycle analysis to ensure that the materials, manufacturing processes and transportation of parts had the least harmful impact on the environment.

Beneath the fabric is something we are excited about. Intelli-Gel® is a new technology that the R&D Department at Kirton have been working on. Based on the evidence which has been independently collected, this cushion has the potential to heal those with pressure ulcers up to Grade 2. For this reason the DBO Patient Chair is registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as a Class 1 Medical Device.

For further information, download the Intelli-Gel® Research Evidence Pack