Kirton DBO Commode Footrests Kirton DBO Commode Footrests Kirton DBO Commode Footrests


The footrests are solid, smooth glass reinforced nylon for both structural integrity and ease of cleaning. We designed them to rotate on the tube axis only to minimise the gaps between parts to reduce the areas where germs can congregate thereby improving the effectiveness of cleaning.

By rotating the footrests backward rather than flipping upwards, the user does not have to lift the feet so high to place them on the footrests nor do they present a tripping hazard. In addition, when exiting the chair the user can simply push the footrests behind providing them with a safe exit.

The footrests are permanently attached therefore they cannot be lost or misplaced. If required the frame can be purchased without the footrests although caution must be exercised if moving the user in the chair without footrests to avoid injury to feet or ankles.